I know you don't believe in the occult, but how do you explain some of the strange things that happen? For example, sometimes you hear about someone who predicts something is going to happen, and then it actually takes place. Is this because that person has supernatural powers?


While things like this may happen from time to time, there usually isn’t any reason to conclude the person who predicted it had any special occult or supernatural powers.

After all, if they did have such powers, every one of their predictions would come true—but they don’t! Have you ever read the predictions some people make at the beginning of each year—and then checked them again at the end of the year? Very few of them actually came true (or else they were so vaguely worded that they could apply to almost anything).

At the same time, there are supernatural or occult powers and forces at work in the world—forces that do not come from God but are actually opposed to Him. Don’t let yourself become fascinated by them or allow them to influence your life. The Bible tells us to avoid them, and to be on our guard “against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” (Ephesians 6:12).

Instead, make Christ the center of your life, and put your hope and confidence in Him alone. He is the sovereign Lord, and He alone is worthy of our allegiance. In addition, make God’s Word, the Bible, part of your life every day, and seek God’s guidance as you face decisions about your life. God loves us, and when we know Christ we can trust Him to be with us no matter what happens. Open your heart to Him today.