I suppose the Ten Commandments seemed like a good idea several thousand years ago, but time moves on, and we live in a different world. We need to live by our own rules and not be bound by the past.


Let me ask you a question: Have you ever actually read the Ten Commandments for yourself, and then tried to imagine what the world would be like if everyone followed them? If not, I hope you’ll do so (you’ll find them in the Old Testament book of Exodus, chapter 20, verses 1-17).

If you do, I think you’ll be surprised to discover just how up-to-date they are. Even if you ignore the commandments that deal with our relationship with God (although I hope you won’t), the others tell us how to get along with each other — and they’re just as powerful and practical today as they were over 3,000 years ago. Wouldn’t we be better off if no one ever stole, or murdered, or lied, or broke the promises they’d made, or was driven by greed? Of course we would.

To put it another way, which of the Ten Commandments would you eliminate? I don’t know what you’d say — but I suspect you’d probably eliminate the one that calls us to be sexually pure and faithful to our spouse. It says very simply, “You shall not commit adultery” (Exodus 20:14). But in reality so-called sexual “freedom” is actually sexual slavery, and it’ll never give us the security and happiness we seek.

God gave the Ten Commandments to us — and He did so because He loves us and wants us to have peace instead of chaos. My prayer is that you will reexamine the foundation on which your life is being built, and build it instead on Jesus Christ.