I think the world would be a much better place if religion was banned. All that religion has done is cause wars and conflicts over the centuries, and it isn't any different today. I don't expect any politicians will have the courage to actually ban religion, but we'd be better off if they did. I have no use for religion.


Only you can say why you have so much anger in your soul—anger toward people who believe in God and ultimately anger toward God Himself.

Whatever the reason, I hope you will face your anger and deal with it—for this is your real problem, and it is going to destroy you. Anger is like a corrosive acid that will eat away at your soul and rob you of any joy or peace. The Bible rightly says that “Anger is cruel and fury overwhelming” (Proverbs 27:4).

Yes, I know my words have probably made you even angrier—but I hope you will stop and think about what anger has already done to you. For one thing, it has closed your mind, so that you can’t even listen to any other point of view. It also has blinded you to reality. Think, for example, of all the good that has been done by people who are serving God—the thousands of hospitals and schools they have built across the world, or the millions of dollars they give every year to help people in need.

But your anger and pride have blinded you to an even greater reality, and that is the fact that one day you will stand before the God you now reject. Why gamble with your eternal soul? I challenge you to face honestly your own spiritual need—and then to turn to Christ, who loves you and gave Himself for you.