I was real excited when I gave my life to Jesus at a church camp last year, but now I'm not even sure what I believe. What happened to me? How did I lose my feelings of joy?


Let me assure you that God hasn’t changed; He still loves you and still wants you to know that He is with you every moment of the day.

The key is to understand that when you gave your life to Jesus, you entered into a personal relationship — a relationship with God Himself. But like any other relationship, our relationship with God needs to be safeguarded and nurtured. What would happen to your friendship with someone if you never spoke to them or spent time with them? Eventually that friendship would wither and die — and the same is true of our relationship with God. Jesus said, “I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you” (John 15:15).

Tell God that you know you need Him, and that you want your relationship with Him to grow and become strong. Then learn to walk with Him every day. How do you do that? First, take time to read a portion of His Word, the Bible, every day. Through it, you’ll learn just how much He loves you, and how He wants you to live.

Then learn to pray about everything — not just asking God for help, but thanking and praising Him for the good things He gives you. In addition, ask God to give you Christian friends who can encourage and help you. Don’t rely on your feelings, for they will fade. Learn instead to rely on Jesus Christ, and on the truth God has given you in His Word.