I'm going to college in a few weeks, and I'm worried that I'll lose my faith there. I've always been active in my church, but I hear it's hard to stay a Christian in college. What advice do you have?


Yes, your college years could be spiritually devastating—but only if you let them. In reality, they could also be the best years of your life spiritually, when your faith is strengthened and you learn what it means to walk with Christ every day.

Begin now by making sure of your commitment to Christ. Yes, you’ve been active in your church and I’m thankful for that. But sometimes church activity becomes a substitute for genuine faith, and when pressures come (as they will in college), you will have little reason to resist. If you have never invited Christ into your life, or you are unsure, make your commitment to Him today.

Then I urge you to link up with other Christians on your campus as soon as possible. Several Christian ministries are active on many campuses; watch for them at orientation. Seek also a church where the Bible is taught and lived. You need other Christians, and they need you. The Bible says, “Let us not give up meeting together … but let us encourage one another” (Hebrews 10:25).

Finally, walk each day with Christ. Don’t let yourself be drawn into things you know are wrong, and that don’t please Christ—no matter what others are doing. Begin each day with God … read His Word … pray about everything … and never doubt that Christ is with you and has a plan for your life.