I'm going with someone who isn't of my religion, and while we aren't serious enough for it to be an issue right now, I know it could be in the future. Would it be a sin for me to marry a husband who isn't of my faith?


Let me ask you a question: How seriously do you take your religion? Is it mainly a tradition you inherited from your parents – something you haven’t thought about very much? Or is it perhaps just a casual belief that doesn’t really affect the way you live?

If so, my prayer is that you will stop and ask yourself what place God should have in your life. If He created you (and He did) … if He sent His only Son into the world to die for you (and He did) … if He loves you and wants you to spend eternity with Him in Heaven (and He does) – then don’t you think He deserves to become the center of your life? Yes, He certainly does.

Let me put it another way: The greatest sin anyone can ever commit is the sin of ignoring God – acting as if He doesn’t matter, or treating His will for our lives with contempt. This is the sin you should be worrying about above all else, for this is the sin that will cut you off from God forever.

But it doesn’t need to be this way! God loves you; He loves you with a love so deep that He was willing for His Son to die for you. The most important decision you’ll ever make is your decision for Christ – and I pray you will make that decision today. Then don’t be satisfied with anything less than God’s will for your future spouse – a husband who loves Christ and wants to serve Him above all else.