We moved to a new city last year and joined a church that we like. But last week they passed their budget for the coming year, and it seems to us that they're spending far too much money to pay back the debt on our new building, and not enough to help people. Are we just being critical?


No, not necessarily—although since you are new to this church, you might not be seeing the whole picture. Remember the Bible’s admonition: “Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry” (James 1:19).

For example, your church may have grown so rapidly in recent years that constructing a new building was the best way to meet the congregation’s needs. Many churches also have found that a new building often attracts new families to their ministry. In either case, the church is helping larger numbers of people than it would have otherwise—and you should be thankful for this.

At the same time, too much debt can be a trap—for us as individuals, and even for a church. You may want to speak privately with one of the church officers to find out more about your church’s decision to construct this building. However, I hope you won’t let this issue keep you from benefiting from your church’s ministry, and supporting the good things it is doing to help others in the name of Christ.

Never forget, however, that a church is more than a building. When we know Christ, we are part of the family of God, and we have a spiritual bond with our brothers and sisters in Christ that nothing can break. Make it your goal to grow closer to Christ. When we do that, we also grow closer to each other.