I've always tried to run my business honestly, but I have to admit I'm a very competitive person and I've always been fairly aggressive in my business dealings. Is this wrong in God's eyes? Can you follow Jesus and still get ahead in the business world?


Yes, you can follow Jesus and still be successful in business. The Bible gives us several examples of people like this, and over the years I’ve met thousands of successful business people who were also committed followers of Jesus Christ.

Let me ask you a question: Do you see your business as something you have built — or something God has entrusted to you? To put it another way, do you realize that God has given you both your abilities and your opportunities in business? Your answer will make all the difference, both in your attitude about your business and the way you run it. The Bible says, “O Lord our God, as for all this abundance … it comes from your hand, and all of it belongs to you. (1 Chronicles 29:16).

Begin by committing your life to Jesus Christ — and then commit your business to Him. Then ask Him to help you avoid the traps many business people fall into — greed, for example, and dishonesty. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes: Do they think they’ve been treated fairly — or are they disappointed or wonder if they’ve been cheated? Let the Bible mold your behavior; Proverbs, for example, says much about integrity in business.

Then be generous with what God has given you. You have the ability to change lives through your giving; are you taking that responsibility seriously? The Bible says, “Your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God” (2 Corinthians 9:11).