I've been told that I'm supposed to be growing in my faith but I don't think it's happening. Maybe I don't understand what it means. Am I missing something?


You are right; God’s will is for us to grow stronger in our faith. Only then will we be able to resist the devil’s temptations; only then will God be able to use us as fully as possible. The Bible says, “But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18).

Remember: When we come to Christ, the Bible says, we are like newborn babies. But birth is only the beginning for a baby; an infant isn’t meant to be a baby forever, but to grow and become strong and eventually reach adulthood. The same is true for us. When we first come to Christ, we are “spiritual newborns” — but we aren’t meant to remain that way. God’s plan is for us to grow strong in our faith and become more like Christ.

How does this happen? It happens as we make use of the “spiritual food” God has provided for us. What is that “food”? First, God has given us the Bible; through it we learn about Him and His will for our lives. God also has given us the privilege of prayer. In addition, He has given us fellowship with other believers. If any of those — God’s Word, prayer, fellowship — is missing, our growth will be stunted.

Make it your goal to grow in your faith. Set aside time every day to be with God, and ask Him to lead you to a church where you can hear His Word and grow through your contact with other believers.