Why is Jesus any different from all the other religious leaders and philosophers who've ever lived? I know His teachings have had a great impact on civilization, but the same could be said of other religious leaders.


If Jesus were simply another religious teacher or philosopher, then I might agree with you (although not all philosophies or religions have had a positive influence on the world).

But Jesus wasn’t just another religious teacher! The Bible says He was different from every other person who ever lived — and the reason is because He was God in human flesh. Yes, He was fully human: He was born and grew up; He got tired and thirsty and hungry; He experienced pain and sorrow; eventually He died. He also experienced the same emotions and temptations we do (although without sin). Therefore, the Bible says, He can “empathize with our weaknesses” (Hebrews 4:15).

But He also was fully God! When Jesus came into the world, God Himself took up residence among us! This is a staggering truth, and I know it may be hard for you to accept right now, but when Jesus was born, God became a man. (This, incidentally, is what we celebrate at Christmas.) The Bible says, “In Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form” (Colossians 2:9).

Do you want to know what God is like? Look at Jesus — and when you do, you’ll discover that God not only exists, but also that He loves us. The proof is that Jesus Christ was willing to give His life for our salvation, and by the power of God came back from the grave to give us hope of eternal life. Don’t wander the roads of doubt any longer, but see Jesus as He really is — and commit your life to Him.

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