Why can't parents just accept their kids the way they are, and not get so upset over everything? You can probably guess that my parents and I don't get along very well, because they're always getting after me to change some of the things I do. Why can't they just accept me the way I am?


I don’t know if your parents’ criticisms are always justified—but have you ever asked yourself why they keep trying to get you to change? Is it because they’re just being difficult—or is there something more to it?

The answer, I suspect, is that they love you (whether they always express it or not)—and because they love you, they want what is best for you. Since they’ve seen more of life than you have, they know that some of the things they see in you are only going to hurt you down the road—and they don’t want that to happen. This is one reason why I hope you won’t reject everything they say, but will listen to their counsel and discuss it calmly. The Bible says, “A wise man listens to advice” (Proverbs 12:15).

But have you ever realized that someone loves you even more than your parents? That “someone” is God, and if He comes to live within you your life will never be the same. He knows all about you; after all, He created you, and He sent His Son into the world to bring you back to Himself. Why not ask Christ to come into your life today?

Then ask God to help you get along with your parents, and to love them even if they aren’t perfect. God gave them to you—and He gave you to them. Make Christ the center of your life, and the tensions between you and your parents will begin to fade.