Where is heaven? Will our telescopes ever discover it, or is it too far away? I have a hard time imagining what heaven must be like, although I think about it a lot.


The Bible assures us that heaven is real, and that it includes things we will be able to see and touch and even hear. The Bible does not, however, tell us exactly where heaven is, and there’s no reason to believe our telescopes will ever discover it. It may even exist in a dimension beyond our present knowledge.

Although in recent years scientists have discovered new worlds of unimaginable beauty, I want to assure you that heaven will be far more glorious! Every description the Bible gives us makes it clear that heaven is filled with wonders and treasures far greater than anything we know on earth. Even the most skilled artist or most brilliant composer is unable to portray its glories.

The greatest truth about heaven, however, is that it is the dwelling place of God, and of the Lord Jesus Christ. No doubt we’ll be stunned by heaven’s beauty, but most of all we will be overwhelmed by being in God’s presence. The Bible says, “It shone with the glory of God, and its brilliance was like that of a very precious jewel” (Revelation 21:11).

Do you look forward to heaven? And are you certain you will go there when you die? You can be, because God has provided the way for us to be cleansed of our sins and welcomed into His presence forever. That way is Christ, who gave His life so we could be saved. Make sure today that heaven will be your eternal home, by repenting of your sins and giving your life to Jesus Christ.

Have assurance of eternal life today.