Our daughter is very determined to get ahead in the world, and to be honest, she doesn't care who she runs over. So far, she's been very successful, but she says she doesn't need God's help. How can we get her to realize that she's on the wrong road?


The most important thing you can do is pray for your daughter, and ask God to wake her up before she goes too far. From what you say, she is convinced she’s right – and because of that she won’t listen to you or anyone else. Only God can break through the barriers she’s erected.

The tragedy is that she is all wrapped up in herself. In other words, all she cares about is what happens to her – and she’ll do whatever it takes to keep herself in first place. But this can only lead to an empty, unsatisfying life. Eventually she’ll discover what King Solomon discovered almost 3,000 years ago about this kind of lifestyle: “All of it is meaningless, a chasing after the wind” (Ecclesiastes 2:17).

Can you say anything that might make her stop and evaluate her life? One approach might be to ask her what her goals are in life – and then to ask her why those are her goals. She may not even realize why she is so driven, and helping her stop to think about it might help her reassess the direction she’s taking.

In addition, let her know you still love her – and you always will. Some day, her life may come crashing down on her – and if it does, she’ll need you more than ever. But even if it doesn’t, ask God to help you demonstrate the reality of Christ’s love – both for her and for others.