Can God make mistakes? I suppose you'll say He can't, but why not? I wonder about this when I see how messed up the world is. Maybe God didn't quite get it right when He created the earth.


No, God doesn’t make mistakes or do anything wrong because He is absolutely perfect, holy and just. Nor does He ever lie or give us false promises, because “I, the Lord, speak the truth; I declare what is right” (Isaiah 45:19).

Why, then, is the world so imperfect, and even evil? Is God responsible for this (as you suggest)? No! When God created the world it was absolutely perfect. But something terrible happened — and that “something” is what the Bible calls sin. The world was no longer perfect; evil and death had invaded God’s perfect world, and they have been with us ever since. Never forget: Sin isn’t just some little thing we do wrong; sin is ultimately rebellion against God.

But listen, part of God’s perfection is that His love is perfect! That’s why He didn’t destroy the world or abandon it. Instead, He has done everything possible to bring us back to Himself by coming into the world in the person of His Son, Jesus Christ. By His death and resurrection, Christ conquered evil and sin and death, and some day His victory will be complete and all evil will be destroyed.

Is your hope in Christ? Or have you given in to despair and hopelessness? If so, I invite you to see God as He really is — perfect not only in His justice and holiness, but perfect also in His love. Then, I urge you to respond to His love by turning to Christ and giving your life to Him.