I've had good health all my life (I'm 78 now), but now the doctor says I have something that's going to make me weaker and weaker, and eventually it will kill me. I just can't face being weak and having to depend on others to take care of me. I admit I'm angry with God, but why shouldn't I be?


One reason you shouldn’t be angry with God is because of all the years of good health He’s given you. Countless millions endure sickness or disability most of their lives, but you haven’t. Have you ever taken even one minute to thank God for your good health?

Another reason you shouldn’t be angry with God is because you need His help — and He wants to give it to you as you face the future. So far, I suspect, you’ve always depended on yourself to see you through life’s hard places. But soon you won’t be able to do that, so where will you turn? My prayer is that you’ll turn to Christ and learn to depend on Him. He’ll not only give you inner strength to face tough times, but He’ll also give you patience and peace in the midst of life’s changes. Turn to Him today.

You need God for another reason, however. Someday, your life will be over, and then you will face Him. Are you prepared for that day? The Bible warns, “People are destined to die once, and after that to face judgment” (Hebrews 9:27).

Don’t depend on yourself or your accomplishments for your salvation, for they won’t save you. Instead, humbly turn to Jesus Christ and put your faith and trust in Him. Then thank Him for the help you’ll get from others as you grow weaker, and receive it gratefully.

Do you have peace with God?