I don't see anything wrong with stretching the truth once in a while, do you? I'm a salesman, and if I didn't tell a few little "white lies" occasionally I'd probably not be very successful. Besides that, everyone lies occasionally, don't they?


Even if everyone deliberately lied from time to time (which I doubt), would that make it right? Certainly not! The Bible is very clear: God approves of the person “who speaks the truth from their heart… who does no wrong to a neighbor” (Psalm 15:2-3).

Why is lying wrong? One reason is because of what it does to us. People who habitually lie are concerned only for themselves, caring little for others and constantly trying to take advantage of them. And the more we lie, the easier it becomes to keep on lying, and in time we lose any sense of right and wrong. More than that, our consciences become dulled and we lose any desire to know God’s truth. The Bible wisely says, “Better to be poor than a liar” (Proverbs 19:22).

But lying is also wrong because of what it does to others. Think of your own responsibilities as a salesman. You may think you’re getting ahead when you lie, but are you? Eventually, word will get around that you can’t be trusted, and both your reputation and your business will suffer.

The real issue you must face, however, is this: What place does God have in your life? Perhaps you pay lip service to Christ, but do you honestly have any regard for Him and His will? God loves you, and Christ died to save you. Don’t turn your back on Jesus Christ any longer, but commit your life to Him. Then ask Him to help you follow Him in everything, including your job.