If someone gives their life to God, what difference is it supposed to make? My aunt claims she gave her life to Jesus recently, but I can't tell that she's changed any. She's just as hard to get along with as she ever was.


Only God knows if your aunt has truly turned her life over to Christ, but I sincerely hope she has, because over time He will help her become a better and more agreeable person. The Bible says, “For it is God who works in you… to fulfill his good purpose” (Philippians 2:13).

This may not happen overnight, but it will happen, because we’re never the same once we give our lives to Christ. Why is this? One reason is because God Himself comes to live within us by His Holy Spirit. We may not even be aware of His presence, but He is still there, convicting us of our sins and helping us become more like Christ. The Bible says, “The Spirit helps us in our weakness” (Romans 8:26).

Even when we come to Christ, our old sinful nature is still alive, trying to pull us away from Christ and to live only for ourselves. Old habits die hard, but when we know Christ, they will die! We’ll begin to realize that Christ didn’t die and rise again just to take us to heaven (although that is a tremendous truth). He also came to change our lives right now, and He will, as we turn to Him and seek His help.

Pray for your aunt, that she’ll become the kind and loving person God wants her to be, with His help. But face too your own need for Christ’s forgiveness and new life, and by faith turn your life over to Him.

You can know Jesus today.