Why do men seem to have a harder time being serious about God than women? I'm active in a service club in our town, and I could count on one hand the men in it who take Christ seriously. The rest are good men but they don't have any interest in God.


Yes, some men do have a hard time facing their need of God and giving their lives to Him (although many men don’t). Like you, I’ve often asked myself why this is the case.

One reason, I think, is because some men believe it is a sign of weakness to admit they need God, and they don’t like to do this. They see themselves as strong and independent, and they believe they can handle life by themselves. “Only weak people need God, and I’m not weak,” a man wrote me somewhat scornfully not long ago.

Another reason why some men find it hard to turn to Christ is because they know He will make them change their way of living. They have allowed sin and pleasure to take hold of their souls and they don’t want to change.

But beneath them all is a more basic issue—and that is pride. Pride is behind almost every sin, because it means we put ourselves at the center of our lives instead of God. Pride also blinds us to sin’s consequences and our need of Christ. The Bible says, “In his pride the wicked does not seek him; in all this thoughts there is no room for God” (Psalm 10:4).

Pray for those you know who have little interest in God, and ask God to help you—by what you say and by the way you live—to be a witness to them of Christ’s love.