Why is it that when I read the Bible, I don't seem to understand it?


It was an old English clergyman who suggested an apt comparison between the Bible and a sundial. He said that a person could well read the figures on a dial, but would obviously know nothing of the exact hour unless the sun was shining upon it.

Similarly, he suggested, a person could read the Bible through, but unless the Spirit of God was permitted to enlighten the Word, it was just a compilation of lofty but abstract ideas.

One must make a surrender of his life to Christ through personal repentance and faith, and then watch the ways in which all spiritual input is enhanced—church attendance, fellowship with other Christians and Bible reading. If you have never surrendered your life to Christ, we encourage you to do it today.

The value of Bible reading is not in some magical return on time invested—like four blessings for every two chapters. Instead, it is through the Bible that we get to know Jesus (John 5:39).

When the Bible serves as an introduction to the Person of Christ, it is fulfilling God’s original design. Reading it in a modern version is very helpful. Above all, view it as a personal love letter opening up an exciting relationship that gets better with the passing of time.