Fearless with Cissie Graham
Episode 33: 2 Parties, 2 Visions for America–Who Will Govern You?

October 26, 2020

I’ve always been passionate about religion and politics, but I know that not everyone my age, especially Christian millennials, shares the same sentiments towards this topic. Someone even once told me that he didn’t believe Christians should have roles in politics.

In this episode I want to encourage you not to look at the word ‘politics,’ but let’s look at it as ‘governance’ and who will govern over you. Right now, we have two political parties fighting over how they will govern us.

40 million evangelicals did not vote in 2016, and many said it’s because they did not love either candidate. As I hear that again this year, I want to remind you that love has never been the standard regarding who we vote for. The standard is the policies that a candidate represents and their ability to lead this country.

Whether or not you love a certain candidate, as Christians and as Americans, we have been given the opportunity to vote in order to protect our families, our neighbors, and our freedoms. With the 2020 election just around the corner, this episode of the #FearlessPodcast addresses some things I want to encourage you to think about as you prepare to head to the polls.

  • John 3:16
  • Philippians 2:9-11