Billy Graham’s Answers to 5 Common Questions About Easter

Over the years, many people wrote Billy Graham with questions about Easter’s significance. Here are several of the most commonly asked questions—along with Billy Graham’s answers.

Q: I’ve never understood why people refer to the day that Jesus died as “Good Friday.” What’s so good about that?

A: You’re right, up to a point; Jesus was innocent of any crime, and from a human standpoint He didn’t deserve to die.

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Q: Did Jesus realize that He was going to be arrested and put to death when He went to Jerusalem for the last time? Why didn’t He avoid it?

A: Jesus probably could have incited [the crowds] into action and thus avoided His arrest and death. But He didn’t—and the reason is because He knew He had come into the world to die for our sins.

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Q: My friend doesn’t bother with God or church until Easter. Do you think she’s a real Christian?

A: Only God knows your friend’s heart, and whether or not she sincerely wants to follow Jesus and has committed her life to Him. Perhaps a seed of faith was planted in her heart as a child, and as Easter approaches she senses a need to have it grow.

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Q: Which was more important, Jesus’ death on the cross or His resurrection from the dead?

A: Both Jesus’ death on the cross and His resurrection from the dead are equally important; they cannot be separated from each other. Without Jesus’ death, we have no hope of God’s forgiveness; and without Jesus’ resurrection, we have no hope of eternal life.

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Q: This Easter, I felt kind of a tug in my heart to give God a bigger place in my life. What should I do next?

A: I’m thankful for that “tug” toward God you felt in your heart—and I want to assure you that it didn’t happen by chance. Instead, God gave it to you, and right now He is drawing you to Himself.

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Our prayer is that you fully celebrate Easter—by acknowledging what Jesus has done for you through His death and resurrection. Do you have a personal relationship with Him?