Canadian BG-RRT Chaplains Train European Christians

As weary Ukrainian refugees struggle to deal with war in their homeland, European churches and Christians have stepped forward to offer them shelter, food, and rest. However, many feel ill-equipped to deal with the emotional and spiritual trauma overwhelming countless refugees.

The Lord has called the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team ministry to respond. Friends like you have made it possible for chaplains to train almost 50 pastors and lay people in trauma relief. They, upon returning home, are training others who are ministering in Jesus’ Name to hundreds of refugees.

“It was a profound privilege to be asked to teach this,” said Canadian chaplain trainer Holly Lafont, who traveled to Poland last year and Moldova in May to teach God’s Hope in Crisis, a two-hour condensed version of our Sharing Hope in Crisis chaplain course.

Noting that, before the Ukraine conflict, there was no Ukrainian word for emotional trauma; Holly and a Rapid Response Team chaplain from the U.K. helped participants work their own stories of trauma into the training material. This helped make the training more meaningful.

“They’re actually teaching from a place of healing and that’s important because if you don’t understand the healing available through the course, how will you teach it to others? They were putting their hearts into it; they were keen to learn.”

The prayers and support from Canadians like you can continue to bring God’s comfort and healing to refugees amidst the trauma of war.

Please partner with this ministry so more people can learn and believe that “the Lord is the stronghold of my life” (Psalm 27:1, ESV).