Chinese Canadian Believers Equipped to Share the Gospel

Over 700 Chinese believers joined Will Graham for Canada’s first Chinese Evangelism Conference.

Over 700 leaders join Will Graham for Canada’s first Chinese Evangelism Conference.

Saturday morning in Burnaby, British Columbia, opened with the voices of more than 700 Chinese believers praising God together. Some sang in Mandarin, some in Cantonese, and others in English. They came from churches across the province’s lower mainland to unite in worship, prayer, and training to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

“This meeting refreshes our passion … to share the Gospel with others,” said one attendee, Carol.

Over 700 believers gathered on April 6 in Burnaby, British Columbia, for the first Chinese Evangelism Conference in Canada.

The Power of the Gospel

April 6 marked the first Chinese Evangelism Conference by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association of Canada. The event was interpreted into three languages. Throughout the day, speakers, including Will Graham, encouraged believers to share their faith with their communities and the world. Sharing a story from his grandfather’s ministry, he told of the widespread transformation that took place in Australia in 1959 following a Billy Graham Crusade there.

“That’s power, changing a continent with the Gospel,” Will told the audience. “My friends, it is our opportunity to do that same thing—to take the Gospel. To lead Canada in a great revival … to lead North America in a great revival. The way of evangelism is not always easy, but it’s a way that you’ll never regret.”

The encouragement and practical training was a blessing to the hundreds who attended the conference. Other speakers included Rev. Dr. Lee Mee Onn from Malaysia, Rev. Dr. Clement Mook-Soo Chia from Singapore, and Rev. James Lin from Vancouver, Canada.

Speakers at the conference included Rev. Dr. Clement Mook-Soo Chia, Rev. James Lin, Rev. Will Graham, Rev. Dr. Ho-Ming Tsui, and Rev. Dr. Lee Mee Onn.

“We need more people trained to know how to share the true Gospel,” said Mandy, who came to the conference with her husband. “There are more and more Chinese immigrants coming to Canada—especially in British Columbia and the Greater Vancouver area,” she continued. “We need more Chinese speakers to share the Gospel with the new immigrants.”

Evangelism Starts with One

Having arrived in Canada just over a year ago herself, Mandy sees the need and opportunity to reach Chinese Canadians—around 5 percent of Canada’s population—with the Gospel. She’s also witnessed what God can do through one believer who faithfully shares“that God has given us eternal life, and this life is in His Son” (1 John 5:11).

“The first opportunity I know about Jesus was because one of my family members, my aunt. She is a Christian, and she gave me a Bible and shared the Gospel with me,” Mandy shared. “I wasn’t interested, but when I came to university, I just feel a call—I want to know more about Jesus. So, I found a church in my university.”

“My friends, there is power in the Gospel. It changes lives,” Will Graham shared. “It’s always about one person coming to Jesus.”

Mandy found new life in Jesus Christ through the witness of these believers, and her prayer is that more people will discover this hope. “I hope they can feel the thirst, the spiritual thirst,” she said. “I hope the Lord will call more leaders who care about the Bible and who care about the spiritual life [of Chinese people].”

“What are you setting in motion today?”

Rev. Dr. Ho-Ming Tsui, who pastors Richmond Hill Christian Community Church in Toronto, Ontario, echoed Mandy’s call from the stage. “What are you setting in motion today?” he asked those who gathered.

“Canada is the most multigenerational, multilingual mission landscape in the world. The world is literally at our doorstep.

“Could the Chinese church be called by God to be a leading voice in reaching this unique mission field with the Gospel of Jesus Christ? The answer depends on what we set in motion today and this day forward.”

Will you pray for Chinese believers in Canada, that the Lord will give them boldness as they share “the Gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes” (Romans 1:16, ESV)?

Chinese Christians came from churches across British Columbia’s lower mainland.
A dedicated volunteer team interpreted the messages into Mandarin, Cantonese, and English.
The conference closed with a time of prayer and communion.