Cissie Graham Lynch: Devotionals or God’s Word?

As a mom in her mid-30s, Cissie Graham Lynch has found that many women primarily scan through quick devotionals—instead of opening their Bibles.

“Devotionals have become more popular than God’s Word,” Lynch said on Instagram. “We do not know God’s Word and what it says because we have become too dependent on other people’s words and opinions about God.”

That hinders Christians who are called to live set apart in a secular culture.

“I want to encourage you to open up God’s Word. I know it can be intimidating,” Lynch continued, sharing how people often makes assumptions that because she’s a Graham, theology comes easy to her.

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“Theology itself can be very intimidating to me,” she admitted. “Over the years, I have depended on other people’s words about God’s Word. But Scripture says the Holy Spirit will help give us wisdom and understanding when we read God’s Word.”

Reliance on the Bible is key.

Lynch acknowledges devotionals and commentaries can be insightful and encouraging, but we can’t depend solely on those for our knowledge of God.

“I hear women say, ‘I’m not smart enough. I don’t have a theology degree. I don’t understand the Bible,’” Lynch said. “God will give you wisdom and understanding as you read it. I want to encourage you open it up.”

“That is the solid rock and the foundation we need to be building our families on right now.”

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