“Don’t keep your Bible in a keepsake box”

As Mary’s* home in Fort Vermilion, AB filled with floodwaters from the nearby Peace River, her Bible from church was among the items she grabbed before evacuating. Days later she was thrilled to accept the gift of another Bible—a token from the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team chaplains and Samaritan’s Purse volunteers who had come alongside her in recent days to share God’s love and help clean up her home.

It was her very first study Bible—a tool Mary anticipated using as she ministered to her friends and others as a local nurse.

That was music to our chaplains’ ears. Everyone who receives a Bible from them is encouraged “not to keep them in a keepsake box, but to search the pages for the questions and answers they might be looking for,” chaplain Janet Voth explained.

“Every answer for life is within those pages,” she added.

At another Fort Vermilion home, Anne* confessed to Janet that she felt very intimidated when receiving gifts and acknowledgements in front of others. It’s in situations like these where our chaplains really shine, and are able to offer all the sensitivity, grace, and encouragement that their training provides.

As the Bible presentation drew near, Janet knew she needed to be there to support Anne through it. First she guided her through some deep breaths: “Breath in…more of Christ, breath out…less of me.” After that, Anne was set up for success.

“She did amazing—even finding her voice enough to thank the team and let them know how touched she was by their service,” reported Janet. “We prayed together afterward, and with tears she admitted how much she was going to cherish this Bible in her life as she moved forward trusting the plan God has for her future.”

*Names changed for privacy