Evangelism Congress 2017: Photo gallery

Jeremy Gifford leads the 200 participants of the Canadian Evangelism Congress in worship.
Dave Ingram

Dave Ingram, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association of Canada’s director of ministry, encouraged Congress participants to use what they learned to make a Kingdom difference in their communities.

Mark Hughes

Pastor Mark Hughes, of Winnipeg’s Church of the Rock, told Congress participants that even if a church’s vision is to reach the lost, that vision won’t become reality unless it’s reflected in church culture.

Rick and Patti Love

Patti and Rick Love explained their three-part program that churches can use to help new Canadians learn our language and customs, then learn about the Good News of Salvation in Christ.

Congress conversation

Lively discussions broke out in many of the Congress’s break-out seminars.

Danielle Strickland

“God is constantly disturbing the peace to bring a true sense of peace and shalom into the world,” said Congress speaker Danielle Strickland of the Salvation Army.

Andrew Lau

Pastor Andrew Lau of Cornerstone Community Church near Toronto revealed how his congregation became truly multicultural.

David Macfarlane

“We sometimes forget who we are and why we are here,” said David Macfarlane, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association of Canada’s director of national initiatives. “We forget what really matters.”