Chaplains Minister to Grieving Quebec Residents

The Feb. 8 tragedy was horrific and inexplicable. In the deadly wake of a man driving a city bus into a daycare, killing two children and injuring six, people in Laval, Quebec were left gasping with grief, confusion and despair.

Thanks to Canadians like you, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association was able to send a trio of crisis-trained Rapid Response Team chaplains to offer compassionate care, prayer and, when needed, simply a ministry of silent presence.

“Many hugs were exchanged and tears flowed as chaplains expressed empathy to those who visited the memorial site,” said Kimberley, who led the team. “The chaplains also connected with many grandparents who expressed fear for their grandchildren and their futures in a perceived hostile world.”

Despite occasionally struggling to fully communicate in French, Kimberley noted, “A couple of the conversations (with parents, relatives and nearby residents) also led to opportunities to pray, and what was interesting was how those offers to pray were met with surprise.

“Regardless of the reactions, it was encouraging that our offers for prayer were actually welcomed and prayer took place,” Kimberley reported.

The Lord used one of the chaplains to bring a woman back into a relationship with His Son through a prayer of rededication.

“She came back to her childhood faith roots after having wandered for so long, shaking off the shame that she had been living under,” said Kimberley.

Please pray for the people of Laval as they deal with the continuing emotional turmoil of this tragedy. “Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep” (Romans 12:15, ESV).