Franklin Graham Festivals

Franklin Graham conducts Festivals around the world as an evangelist for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Since 1989, he has preached to more than 7 million people in cities from Johannesburg, South Africa to Toronto, Ontario.

Franklin Graham Festivals

Upcoming Festivals

“I believe our city is ripe for a major harvest of souls. The ground has been tilled and soaked with intercession of prayer and tears for a long time. I am convinced that the season is right for a major move of God.”

– Giulio Gabeli, Senior Pastor, Westwood Community Church, Coquitlam, BC

“We are so thankful for the partnership between local Ottawa – area churches and the BGEAC. God’s people prayed, gave and participated in one of the most significant spiritual events in a generation!”

-Randy Jost, Pastor at the Metropolitan Bible Church, and Chair of Rock the River Ottawa with Franklin Graham in 2012

Franklin’s Canadian Festivals and other outreach events to date:

MARCH 3-5, 2017
Greater Vancouver Festival of Hope
Vancouver, British Columbia

SEPTEMBER 12-14, 2014
Greater Toronto Festival of Hope
Toronto, Ontario

SEPTEMBER 29-30, 2012
Rock the River Ottawa
Ottawa, Ontario

SEPTEMBER 17, 2011
Rock the River – West
Winnipeg, Manitoba

AUGUST 28, 2010
Rock the River Tour – West
Edmonton, Alberta

AUGUST 21, 2010
Rock the River Tour – West

Calgary, Alberta

AUGUST 7, 2010
Rock the River Tour – West
Fraser Valley, British Columbia

OCTOBER 20 – 22, 2006
Central Canada Festival
Winnipeg, Manitoba

OCTOBER 15-17, 2004
East Coast Festival
Halifax, Nova Scotia

OCTOBER 28-31, 1999
Calgary Festival ’99
Calgary, Alberta

OCTOBER 6-9, 1996
Kitchener Crusade
Kitchener, Ontario

OCTOBER 26-29, 1995
Saskatoon Crusade
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

SEPTEMBER 8-10, 1995
Heart of the Rockies Crusade
Cranbrook, British Columbia

OCTOBER 12-18, 1992
Moncton Crusade
Moncton, New Brunswick

OCTOBER 4-11, 1992
Fredericton Crusade
Fredericton, New Brunswick

NOVEMBER 4, 1989
Swift Current Crusade
Swift Current, Saskatchewan