Pursuit Student Evangelism Training

Get down to the basics of what you believe, find power to live what you say, and learn how to share your faith with others.

Be on the front lines of making a difference.

Witness the ripple effect of God’s power with the youth in your area.

Be part of something memorable and worthwhile.

Pursuit Student Evangelism Training will show you how to live a life that pleases God and equip you to share your faith in Jesus Christ with others. When you attend the Pursuit training, you’ll take a close look at your own Christian walk. Where are you going? Are you on the right path? What can you do to draw closer to God? The Pursuit course will equip you with personal tools and verses from His Word to keep you accountable and energized as you walk in His ways.

Pursuit is specifically designed for youth, but adults are welcome to attend too – anyone who wants to see God move in mighty ways in your generation!

Pursuit will enable you:

To deal with the challenges of life

This training session concentrates on balancing our hectic lifestyles with God’s true purpose for our lives.

To tell others about Jesus

You’ll learn how to share the Good News of Christ in a non-threatening way that your friends can accept, handle, and digest.

To help friends grow in their walk with Jesus

This is where you learn the steps to stand beside, direct, and nurture those who have just begun their own Christian walk.

For more information, please email [email protected].