I grew up believing in God, but I've decided the only reason I believed was because that's what my parents taught me. They were shocked when I told them I'd become an atheist, but I just can't see believing in something you can't prove. Why should I?


Has it ever occurred to you that as an atheist you also believe in something you can’t prove?

You see, an atheist says there is no God—in other words, that God doesn’t exist. But can you prove it? No, you can’t, any more than someone a thousand years ago—before the invention of the telescope—could have proved that other galaxies didn’t exist. All you can say is that you don’t believe there is any evidence for God’s existence. But what if there is evidence that you haven’t yet examined? In other words, you have faith that God doesn’t exist—but you can’t actually prove it.

But could you be looking in the wrong place? Or looking with the wrong attitude? You see, as a Christian I believe in God for one reason: He has revealed Himself to us. How has He done this? He has done it first of all through the majesty of His creation.

But, most of all, He has revealed Himself in a way that staggers our imagination: He became a man. That man was Jesus, in whom (the Bible says) “all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form” (Colossians 2:9). No, I know you don’t believe that right now—but I challenge you to look at Jesus with an open heart and mind as He is revealed in the pages of the New Testament. Don’t let pride or anything else keep you from discovering Him.