The Billy Graham Channel returning to SiriusXM until Father’s Day

Even after Billy Graham’s death, God has continued to use his messages to reach people.

UPDATE – August 20, 2018 – The Billy Graham Channel is now permanent on SiriusXM channel 460. Read more.

“Billy Graham has been preaching to me more since he went to glory then he ever did while in this world,” Bill Traer wrote six weeks after Mr. Graham’s death. Bill is one of many to express gratitude for The Billy Graham Channel, which aired on SiriusXM in the weeks following the evangelist’s home-going. The temporary channel introduced a new generation of listeners to the Gospel message Billy Graham preached around the world for seven decades.

While the channel is currently available only at certain times of the year, and you are able to listen from now until June 17. If you don’t have a subscription, you can listen for free until May 29. There are also plans to bring the channel back in late summer and again near what would have been Billy Graham’s 100th birthday this November.

Below are five short stories of how God recently used channel 145 to reach men and women with the hope of Christ:

‘I was alone in my truck’

On Feb. 25, four days after Billy Graham passed away, a truck driver named Stephen contacted BGEA to say he was listening to The Billy Graham Channel on SiriusXM and renewed his commitment to Christ. After listening to Mr. Graham’s message, Stephen didn’t want to keep his decision to himself. “I think he [Billy Graham] said this should be done in public,” Stephen said. “I was alone in my truck.”

It was ‘directly responsible for bringing me to Christ’

On April 17, Ted A. left the following comment on
“Here’s another vote to continue The Billy Graham Channel on Sirius radio. The short period it was on was directly responsible for bringing me to Christ on April 3, 2018.” Billy Graham would have said, “Praise the Lord!”

‘It was as though Billy Graham was talking directly to me’

On Feb. 27, Stephen Farris left this comment on Billy Graham’s memorial website: “I needed help and asked God for direction. The next day my radio said to tune to Billy Graham on Sirius. It was as though Dr. Graham was talking directly to me about my problem. He gave me what I needed to overcome what I was facing. Thank God for Billy Graham, truly a great man.”

‘My marriage is in shambles’

A woman was listening to The Billy Graham Channel in her truck and heard Mr. Graham’s Gospel message. She decided to contact BGEA to connect with a trained online chat coach. She talked about the difficulties of being a full-time truck driver with little time off. “It feels so alone in this truck,” she typed. “I am hoping they keep Billy Graham on channel 145 on Sirius radio. Truck drivers need this so bad. I need it so bad. My marriage is in shambles. Thank God I stumbled onto channel 145 and heard Billy Graham.”

‘I never want to get out of my car’

Catina Kelley wrote the following comment on April 4: “I’ve always listened to sermons or worship music in my car, but when I discovered Billy Graham on SiriusXM, it was completely different. It goes way beyond ‘feel good’ preaching. It’s challenging me, a believer, to ask myself some real questions. I really hope this channel stays. Only problem is I never want to get out of my car when I arrive my destination.”

How to listen to The Billy Graham Channel

SiriusXM subscribers can simply go to Channel 145 to listen. For this weekend only, non-subscribers have a chance to listen for free without registering. Tune in until May 29 via:

(1) A smartphone by downloading the SiriusXM app

(2) Online streaming through the SiriusXM website

(3) An inactive Sirius XM player

However you choose to listen, make plans to tune in, and be sure to tell a friend. God has used The Billy Graham Channel to reach people, and there’s no telling who could stumble across the life-changing hope of Christ when the Gospel is shared once again.

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