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Is prayer a gift from God or a duty to God

Is prayer a gift from God or a duty to God, and does God only hear the prayers of believers?

Since My Husband Died, I Feel So Alone

My husband died six months ago, after almost fifty years of marriage. At first people came around and showed lots of concern, but now no one hardly ever visits or calls me. Don't people realize how hard it is to lose someone you love?

Why Did God Allow My Wife to Die from Cancer?

I lost my wife to cancer. She was a wonderful Christian lady and I find my anger and resentment toward God unbearable. Why would He allow this to happen?

My Wife Died and Now I Regret We Weren’t Closer.

I hate to admit this, but my wife and I never got along, and when she died last year I wasn't all that sorry. But now I desperately miss her. I wish I could make up for those lost years. What's wrong with me?

I’m So Lonely Since My Wife Died That I Wish I Could Go to Heaven Now

My wife died last year, and I'm so lonely I sometimes wish Jesus would just take me to Heaven right now. We were each other's best friend, and I guess we never went out of our way to make other close friends. I'm not sure why I'm writing, but thank you for listening.

Why Stay in a Failed Marriage?

My husband and I have stayed together for the sake of our children, but they're on their own now, and we've decided to go ahead and get a divorce. But my mother keeps hoping we won't, and I promised her I'd write you first. But why keep a failed marriage together?

My Husband Wants a Divorce After 30 Years. How Should I Respond?

My husband of 30 years has asked for a divorce now that our children are grown and gone. It seems we don't have a lot in common anymore and I think he is ready for a new life. Will I show him that I love him more by agreeing to this or should I pray that he will change his mind?

God’s Desire Is To Heal Your Marriage

My husband and I have had a fairly rocky marriage, but we've stayed together all these years for the sake of the children. But now that they're out on their own, I don't see any reason why we should stay married. Do you?

Am I the Reason That My Relationships Aren’t Great?

I have never enjoyed a good relationship though I’ve been married several times. I have lots of friends at church that I do things with but they are not people I can depend on. I am beginning to think that I am the problem. How can one know?

How Can I Be More Hopeful and Happy?

Is it possible to find a well of good wishes, or is the human race doomed to looking for hope but never finding it?

What Is the Most Important Thing to Plan for?

Does the saying in the Bible about not worrying about tomorrow mean that we shouldn’t plan for the future? This confuses me as a college student who wants to be responsible to make good decisions in life.

Feeling Depressed After Christmas?