Read thoughtful responses to a wide assortment of questions from Billy Graham’s My Answer column and other resources.

How can I be more consistent in my life as a Christian? Almost every day, I start out with good intentions, but then something comes up and I end up acting the same way everyone else does.

Why did Jesus stay around for 40 days after He came back from the grave, instead of going immediately into heaven? This came up in our Bible class the other day and no one seemed to have an answer.

I’m a high school teacher, and it’s been a very discouraging year for me. I can’t even count the number of my students who’ve gotten pregnant, or are on drugs, or get drunk every weekend, etc. I can’t talk about Christ in the classroom, and yet I know He’s the only answer. What should I do? Sometimes I wonder if I should just quit.

I am a hard worker but have never been able to get ahead in life. I have a good friend who is successful at everything she touches. She is a really good person, she never flaunts her success, and she is very generous to me. After I am with her a while I am undone and unsatisfied with my life. I am happy for her, sad for me, but I find myself talking against her. Is this jealousy getting the best of me?

How can I find freedom from the alcoholism that is ruining my life?

A friend of mine says the Bible is very negative toward women, and this is why society has oppressed women throughout history. Is this true?

What exactly is an evangelist?

How can I get started reading the Bible?

I want a fresh start this year, will God forgive me?

How can I not be so afraid of the future

How can I become an encourages so that people can see Jesus through me?

Will I ever stop feeling guilty over my abortion?