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Love Like A Mother

Author Bodie Turner Theone shares about the eternal impact that the 1962 Billy Graham Fresno Crusade had on her mother's, and ultimately her own, life.


Shooting Star

Steph Curry views basketball career as a chance to shine for Christ.


Nothing But Joy

In his book Sky Pilot, Ralph Connor tells of a young man who wandered from a good home in Scotland to one of the ranches in the Wild West. One day, as the pilot was making his rounds and going from shack to shack, he heard someone singing Psalm 23.


Beginning Your Journey With Jesus

I remember it as if it were yesterday. I was 12 years old and was attending a Christian youth camp in the small Scottish village of Aboyne.


Blessed Assurance

As Christians, we should be able to say that we are resting on certainties, not on chance. We don’t know the day or the hour of Christ’s return, but we do know He is coming to take us to be with Him forever. That is a comfort and certainty we share. Through the Bible, God…


Ministering to Jesus

Have you ever been consciously aware that you were being ministered to? As I look back on 2013, that’s one of the experiences that stands out.


How to Know God’s Voice

Bible Study


Waging War In the New Year

To the Point


Real or Imagined?

It was the year 1937. The freight car stood all day beneath a row of trees in China to protect them from enemy planes. It was filled with missionaries feeling the approaching Japanese army. The Chinese landscape was bleak, the heat oppressive...


Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?

Getting God's Name Right


My Hope with Billy Graham – Defining Moments Film – American Sign Language Version

My Hope with Billy Graham presents Defining Moments in American Sign Language.


By God’s Strength

Olympic speed skater Cindy Klassen talks about faith, athletics, and what's next