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Bringing Hope to Western Canada

Three communities welcoming Will Graham evangelistic event.


Billy Graham Explores Eternity in Final Book: ‘Where I Am’

In Billy Graham's final book, he explores what all 66 books of the Bible have to say about life after death.


Billy Graham’s Thoughts on the Promise of Heaven

Final Book 'Where I Am' Explores Promise of Eternity


An Excerpt from Billy Graham’s New Book, ‘Where I Am’

The following is an excerpt from chapter 21 of Billy Graham's final book, Where I Am. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life....


Wisdom From Above

DECISION MAGAZINE: For the wise person, peace, certainty, and perfect assurance displaces frustration, uncertainty, and fear


Get Ready: The Bridegroom is Coming!

DECISION MAGAZINE: Bible Study from Anne Graham Lotz


The Warfare Of Prayer

GOSPEL TRUTH: The Quiet Heart


Avoiding the Vanity of Vengeance

Do you love life? Do you want to be happy—to experience and enjoy the blessing of God in your life? Then love people—the good and the bad.


Translating Hope

DECISION MAGAZINE: God is touching lives in Quebec with a French version of My Hope


Brit Hume’s Journey of Faith

DECISION MAGAZINE: When personal tragedy struck, veteran broadcaster turned to Christ.


God’s View of Sex: A Message From Billy Graham

Although society's moral standards have changed, God's have not. How do we stay the course, with sexual temptation all around us?


Homosexuality is Sin

DECISION MAGAZINE: The Bible’s Compassionate Truth