Ruth Bell Graham: Parents are not miracle workers

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As parents, we may be tempted to try to do God’s work and to neglect the very responsibilities that He has given to us. He asks us to take care of the possible and to trust Him for the impossible.

How often we have tried to convict our loved ones of their sin and their need of the Savior, to make them want God, to make them read their Bibles and to pray and to live for Him.

But our responsibility is to minister lovingly to the immediate needs of our families, whether it is by providing a happy home, by preparing a good meal and washing clothes or by offering words of encouragement, love and appreciation.

And our responsibility is to pray.

God will do His part. Salvation and love for God, the willingness to come under His authority, and the longing to do His will joyfully are miracles of grace. And miracles are in God’s department, not ours. ©2000 BGEA


Reprinted by permission from “Doing Our Part,” by Ruth Bell Graham, originally published in Decision May 2000.