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How to Survive in the Furnace of Adversity

How to survive when your situation seems hopeless.


God’s Rule Over the Nations

The truth that our leaders' hearts are in the hands of the Lord shall be a stimulus to prayer, not a stimulus to a fatalistic attitude.


CBS Sportscaster James Brown: It’s Not About Me

Also an ordained minister, J.B. strives to honor God on and off the TV screen. He talks about his faith journey.


The Story Behind Billy Graham’s First Sermon

Read the story behind Billy Graham's first sermon.


Dr. Kent Brantly Prepared Remarks: ‘I Am Thrilled to be Alive’

Prepared remarks from Dr. Kent Brantly, doctor who was serving with Samaritan's Purse in Liberia when he contracted Ebola.


Decisions For Christ in 3D: See real-time decisions around the globe with Google Earth

Hurting people are searching for answers online and BGEAC’s Internet Evangelism outreach is directing them to real hope through compelling online Gospel presentations.


My Hope with Billy Graham

My Hope combines the impact of video programs with the power of personal relationships.


Stand and Be Counted

Simple sermon illustration launches pastor onto cultural front lines.


On the Move for God

Calgary Stampeders football player, Keon Raymond, shares about his faith


Not Ashamed of Christ

Basic to all effective ministry is a spiritual courage that says: "I will live the way God wants me to live, and I will speak the way He wants me to speak, no matter what the consequences might be."


Making a Difference in an Age of Crisis

If there was ever a time when we should man the lifeboats and go out and rescue as many as we can, it is now. That is why we proclaim the Gospel


Looking Forward With Hope

For the believer, the end of life is actually the beginning.