An archive of videos from Billy Graham and BGEAC.


Will Graham says thank you for your support in 2015

We look forward to what Jesus will bring in 2016 as we proclaim the Gospel around the world.


Ministry continues after tragedy in Paris

Following the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris, crisis-trained chaplain Irene Trabadello shares what she calls “enormous opportunities” to offer comfort to those affected by the tragedy.


How you can pray for Paris

In this video, one Paris resident explains what her city needs most, and why Christ is the answer. Please join in continuing to pray for Paris and ongoing efforts to help residents heal.


Crisis-trained Billy Graham chaplains bring ‘ministry of presence’ to Paris

Immediately following the tragic November 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris, the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team deployed French-speaking, crisis-trained chaplains to minister hope to a city gripped with sorrow and fear.


Crisis Trained Chaplains Bring Hope to Paris

Join in continuing to pray as Billy Graham Rapid Response Team chaplains help bring hope and healing to the citizens of Paris, as well as equip churches to effectively respond to their communities.


Value of a Soul

In Value of a Soul, three lives search for true worth as their worlds crumble.


Value of a Soul Trailer

In Value of a Soul, three lives search for true worth as their worlds crumble.


It only takes one

Search For Jesus is ministering online and partnering is simple. Join our email response, live chat or discipleship teams to share the hope of Christ to someone in the exact moment they need it.


Over 5 Million Decisions

We have the technology to carry the gospel to the whole world!


Mon Espoir Avec Billy Graham – L’ÉTERNITÉ

Un nouveau message de Billy Graham


Mon Espoir Avec Billy Graham – L’ÉTERNITÉ – English Subtitles

Heaven is a 30-minute film that features the very latest message from Billy Graham. It includes compelling stories and testimonies from Monique Lépine and firefighter Cheyane Caldwell.



A message from Franklin Graham, president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.