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Hostility on the College Campus: A Conversation with Os Guinness

What are the challenges Christian college students face on a secular campus? Apologist and Oxford professor Os Guinness offers perspective.


The Days of Youth

A confused, insecure generation looks to the world for answers. Will they see the Light before it's too late?


A Prisoner for Christ: One Ukrainian Pastor’s Story

Joseph Bondarenko was born and raised in the Soviet Union, under the heel of atheism—a religion of violence and cruelty.


In a Dry, Thirsty Land

Christ's lead-in to a greater understanding of our need for Him was to explain thirst as unrest. Where is your source of peace? Of strength?


A Look at Billy Graham’s Ministry in College

Billy Graham was making headlines by the time he was 30 years old. But God used him profoundly, years prior to his fame.


Anne Graham Lotz Bible Study: The Prayer That Heaven Applauds

God may allow our prayers to be resisted. They may be timely, but keep pressing into God until they are triumphant. Heaven is listening and applauding.


The Father’s hand of protection

Within God's will, the believer can live boldly and fearlessly.


Glimpses of God’s Sovereignty

Three stories of the Father's Hand of Protection


‘God Hasn’t Given Up’

Vancouver Christians excited to see Christ work through the Festival of Hope


News Release: Billy Graham chaplains preparing to assist Fort McMurray fire victims

Christian organization’s Rapid Response Team prepares for deployment


A Commitment to Put Christ First

Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper remain faithful, despite the pressures of fame.


The Fire-Baptizing Lord

Had Saul met only a preacher and heard only a sermon on the Damascus road, he might never have been heard of again. But he met Christ!