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It Begins with Repentance

Repentance is not a sorrowful feeling. Nor is it remorse. Rather, it is a process of surrender—and of change.


Facing Death

On their third date, over a chocolate ice cream soda in Denver, Colo., Danny Lotz told Anne Graham he was in love with her. The couple married in September 1966. Danny passed away Aug. 19.


New My Hope Video ‘Value of a Soul’ Available Now

Jesus said you could gain the whole world but still lose your soul. The new video 'Value of a Soul' was created to share the truth of the Gospel with those who don't know Christ.


Holiness Meets Hostility

As believers, we are being watched. And as we respond to the government, our family and fellow believers, we are to be tenderhearted, loving and non-retaliatory.


Speaking For a Friend

When a trustworthy companion is maligned or accused, the truth must be defended.


Live in Light of Eternity

As the Apostle Paul wrote, when we die, we who belong to God are “absent from the body” and “at home with the Lord” (2 Corinthians 5:6-8). But is that all there is? Just live this life as we please, then simply enjoy Heaven and live happily ever after?


How God Guides Us

He gives us wisdom as we read His word, pray and seek counsel.


Family sees years of impact through BGEA outreaches

The impact of the BGEA’s evangelistic outreaches can be seen in the thousands of lives changed through a commitment to Jesus Christ.


Will Graham Shares the Good News in Whitehorse

Will Graham shared a message of hope in Whitehorse October 16 & 17, 2015 at the Celebration of Hope.


Meditation – Learning to Think of God

How do you meditate? Here are some practical ways to fix your attention on God.


Powerful Worship, Emotional Responses at Siksika

Over 400 people attended Siksika Celebration Of Hope, 90 decisions made for Christ.


Confronting the Reality of Hell

Why is it that many of the people who tell others to “go to hell” turn around and tell pollsters they don't really believe hell exists?