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My mother’s three passions: A tribute to Ruth Bell Graham

Franklin Graham pays tribute to his mother, Ruth: "To follow in my father’s footsteps, I had to go through my mother’s knee prints.


Two Kingdoms

The new birth translates one from Satan's kingdom to God's kingdom.


Got Milk?

Pastor and author Skip Heitzig whets our appetite for the spiritual nutrition that can be found in God's Word, in this the fourth part of a yearlong series on the books of First and Second Peter.


Franklin Graham Tops List of 100 Most Influential Christian Leaders

Both Billy and Franklin Graham were included in a new list of the top 100 Most Influential Christian Leaders.


Siksika First Nation: Hope after the flood

Siksika excited for Celebration of Hope event


The Only Good News

How the cross demonstrates God's redeeming love


Radio Broadcasts Bring Newfoundlander To Faith In Christ

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association of Canada recently launched an Internet-based initiative designed to gather stories of people who came to faith in Jesus Christ through our ministry. This is one of those stories.


Fort McMurray Christians see Celebration bringing hope to their city

Fort McMurray excited for Celebration of Hope event


Thy Word is Truth

5 Lies the World Believes - And How God's Truth Trumps Them


‘There Has To Be More To Life’

God uses Billy Graham TV broadcast to transform unbelieving salesman into Bible-preaching pastor.


The Truth About Lying

Lying has been rampant since the Fall. In fact, Psalm 116:11 says "All men are liars." Today's communication ago only reveals them more quickly - and feeds this debilitating epidemic.


The Culture of Offendedness

Is there such a thing as the right not to be offended?