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Rapid Response Team – Southern Alberta Flood – Sharon’s Story

Sharon shares about the Billy Graham Evangelistic Associations Rapid Response Teams chaplains that came to offer emotional and spiritual support during the recent Southern Alberta flooding.


We Can Have Peace

And He is coming. One of these days the sky is going to break open and the Lord Jesus Christ will come back. He will set up His reign upon this planet, and we’re going to have peace and social justice. What a wonderful time that’s going to be.


The Worthy World Ruler

One day Jesus will rule the world. And He is the only One who is worthy and able to rule your world. How accurately does your life reflect His rulership now?


Honor Your Mother and Your Father

Just as we are to honor the One who created us, so we are to honor those who were chosen to carry out God’s plan for our creation—our fathers and mothers!


Do Something

We must be quick to pray, and just as quick to obey.


Prayer That Works

Don’t throw away prayer because you are discouraged when it doesn't seem to work. Be steadfast!


Grandparent: A Special Provision

Those of you who have not had a loving Christian heritage can make sure your children have one. Even if you feel it is too late, commit the wasted years and lost opportunities to God. Love those who come to mind—and pray.


Suffering Redeemed

A woman with physical disabilities overcomes hardship and inspires others to do the same.


A Life Undeserved

Christ has afforded us a life we don't deserve.


Bible Study: When the Wicked Flourish

Sometimes the bad guys seem to be winning, don’t they?


Believing in God’s Plan

Worship leader has overcome cocaine addiction, cerebral palsy.


Overcoming Evil With the Good of the Gospel

The greatest good is the Gospel, the Good News of Christ’s triumph over the forces of darkness—the principalities, rulers and authorities in the heavenly places. When the Gospel is preached, the power of...